The owners of “It’s All Greek To Me” are a family team.  A sister, Effie, her husband, Jon and her Brother, Gerry.  Ephigenia & Gerrys heritage is deeply entrenched in the  greek culture. Originally born in Montreal Canada, their family has had a multitude of successful restaurants.  Their heritage is from the Largest Greek Island in the Ionian Sea. Its name is Kefalonia. (For those who have never heard of the island. Its ok. You are not the first or the last. What we can tell you is that a well know movie was made there, Captain Carellies Mandoline, starting Nicholas Cage. )

Both Ephgienia and Gerrys spouses are not Greek, but have fallen involve with the culture and the food. Hurricane Irma drove Ephgienia , Jon and their 2 little boys, Nickolas and Bobby, to Fairhope Alabama, to escape the the storm. They packed up their bags, not knowing if they would have a home to return to. 26 hours later, they   arrived at Farihope AL. It instantly felt like home. What was suppose to be a 2 day stay, ended up being a 7 day stay. During that time, they bought a house and signed a lease for this restaurant.   Crazy right?  Everything happens for a reason.

Upon their return to Miami, FL. They shared the news with her brother and sister in-law.  It is ok, they thought Ephigenia and Jon were Crazy as well. But sure enough, Gerry and Erin along with t heir beautiful little 2 year old son,Mavrik, got in the car , drove to Fairhope…. well the rest is History!

The sister bringing the Greek Culture and Cuisine here, specifically to Fair hope, the community was very excited about the food and the news! Taking their Grandmother recipes and the knowledge of their families successful restaurants, they wanted to bring little test of the islands to this diverse and robust community.

We celebrate the lifestyle and the food that represents a delicious, healthy way people eat in Greece. Our main goal is to bring “ FILOXENIA” (The warm, friendly  opening of ones house to share food and wine to a complete staranger, with no strings attached. Pure, good , earnest welcoming of a stranger into one house to break bread).

We hope we do you justice and give you the service, which makes guests feel as if they’re in a Greek home, eating sultry warm delicious grandmother’s food.